Akhuryan “Mother and Child Health center” of ARS has started its activity as a policlinic, which was serving the children at the age 0-18, pregnant women and the women with gynecological problems. Annually the policlinic serves approximately 17000 patients among them pediatric calls for children are about 8000-8500, the number of vaccination is about 700, the number of visits to the obstetrician-doctors are about 3000 patients.

In 2005 the policlinic was supplemented with birth department which was equipped with medical equipments corresponding to the international standards. Different surgeries and caesarean sections are made here. Annually about 1200-1300 women are treated and give birth (deliver baby) in the center which is a high rate in Shirak Region.

In 2006 a diagnosis department was built at the center which has such laboratory services which are unique in Shirak Region (mammography, tomography, colposcopy, histology). For such expansion the center is grateful to ARS for its generous investments and support. As a result the center from a small policlinic grew into a big hospital with various services.